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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dog Days of Summer

I am a high-strung and weather-affected person, and the latest heat wave did nothing to improve my motivation and moods. And, apparently, my daughers had inhereted my heat intolerance: both had been just finicky, touchy and exessively whiny lately.

Sonya's new favorite words are " Don't talk to me!" and Maya says (while having her big blue eyes fill with tears) "Nobody loves me" if you say "no" to any of her demands. They also began exhibiting marsupial-like need for Papa's affections, having to hug, touch or otherwise be in constant contact with his (often exhausted from working at all hours) persona. This week brought no relief from hot weather or zaiki shenanigans.

Last night, Maya showed her displeasure in Papa not reading her bedtime stories by punching him in the groin. An immediate and swift time-out followed. Then Sonya, Papa and I had a discussion about nice girls who don't punch their fathers that was sweetly accompanied by pitiful wails of the offender.

But Sonya is not always an obedient and compliant child she appears to be: earlier in the evening, she staged an exhaustingly long screaming performance, prompted by me "laughing in her face". There was a certain amount of truth to her accusations. After a successful potty trip, she refused to get off the toilet, and, while screaming and shaking with rage, she fell off. I felt bad, but the sight of royally pissed-off herub-like toddler who is trying to retain her dignity while stuck with her naked butt up in the air was pretty funny.

Papa, despite being in zaiki-favor at the moment, is not immune from their displeasure. He is often accused of standing too close, being too warm and laughing at them. 

I've often heard of toddler years referred to as "first adolescence", as in a preview to what your child will be as a teenager. Looks like we'll be in for a rocky ride. :)

To compensate for feeling as an acute parental failure I decided to give myself an ego boost and opened an art shop at For those who are not familiar with etsy - it's a wonderful space for creative folks who are computer challenged and cannot create their own websites. So, go check out
LittleDivasArtShop at Etsy and buy/order a painting to boost my morale help pay for my therapy sessions.

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