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Monday, December 17, 2012

"Oh Castle!! Yes, that's what I meant, Castle!!"

It's been a while. I stopped writing here because it didn't feel fun anymore. And I needed a breaka after all kinds of changes with routines, babysitters, etc. I simply didn't feel like writing or thinking. So I took a break. And now I'm back.

One main sucky change in zaiki's schedule is the commute. Before, we walked home from the sitter, she was literally a block away. Now I sit in traffic with them for forty minutes each night on the way home from their new preschool. Which brings me to today's main topic: swearing in front of very bright, curious children with excellent memory.

I was driving them home last night in the aforementioned traffic, when some twat strong, no doubt highly intelligent woman changed lanes right into me. I have very low tolerance for bad drivers, especially bad women drivers, as last year I was in a pretty bad car accident caused by a member of this category. So this time, with babies in the car, I swerved onto the shoulder before she could crash into me. Bags were flying, babies were crying, and I.., well, I was cursing: "YOU F-ING A-HOLE!" and followed that with the New Jersey salut. Forgetting about the curious minds in the back seat. Fortunately, distracted by flying objects in the car, honking and music, they thought I said "Flipping Castle"...Yes, yes, my girls, that's exactly what I said. Giggle.

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