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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meet my family

Hi, I'm Lida. My husband and I have two full-time jobs and run a bilingual household-while I am getting my graduate degree-while we are rebuilding our house-while raising willful two-year-old twin girls. I think that covers it. We are a middle class family, although with recent economic changes and added expense of child raring I'm not sure anymore. 

This blog is dedicated to my experience of raising twins, really an outlet for expressing thoughts and feelings. I hope that a lot of you can relate. Oh, and don't mind occasional grammatical issues - I am a first-generation Russian immigrant.

So, my girls are 2. I don't call them twins, but prefer stolen from somewhere "twiblings"- yes, they share a birthday, but are very different kids.

Sonya - technically my firstborn, she is a stubborn little cookie. We have hit every sleep-related issue with her, starting with colic and presently with night terrors. I'm dreading the teenage years. She can be rough, but is very sweet and cuddly, totally mama's girl. She can also cram 3 oreo cookies in her mouth at the same time.

Maya is a munchkin. She is smaller and more timid than her sister. She is deathly afraid of bugs. But she loves to help and gives the best hugs ever: when you pick her up, she just molds into you and gives a happy little sigh. She is also the only child I know who doesn't care about sweets.

Kevin is my husband. My best friend really. He has been "blessed" (giggles from the audience) with a somewhat crazy Russian woman for a wife and two daughters who he adores but who have him wrapped around their fingers. He is a great dad who changes diapers, wipes puke and poop, kisses boo-boos and plays with the girls on the monkey bars.

Lida - I moved to this country 11 years ago (God, had it been that long?) from Russia firmly believing in the American dream.Then I met Kevin and decided to stay. Even now I am torn between two ideologies and world views, I speak two languages and have family on two continents. I'm an avid reader and runner. Painting had been put on the back burner for lack of time and energy. Maybe I'll take it up again when I retire.

This blog is named Zaiki - Russian for Bunnies, that's what we call our girls at home. Hope you enjoy it.

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