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Friday, July 22, 2011

There's a bear in my tree!!!

There was a lot of commotion in the town where I live a few days ago, a street away from where we drop the kids off with sitter every day. Some poor misguided (or sneaky and lazy?) black bear wondered into someone’s yard, got freaked out and climbed up a tree. So the local emergency services had a field day. I think all of the king’s horses available police units and fire trucks were called in, complete with a helicopter (Really? What are you going to lift the bear into the chopper? Really?) and the stand off with the bear ensued.

Action-starved press was present as well, so here you’ll find a detailed account of the bear-gate. The article also said that it got hit by a car. I’m sorry, but how do you hit a bear? I can see accidently hitting a cat, or a dog, even a fox or a deer, but a bear…It’s pretty hard not to spot, even for self-absorbed NJ drivers.

As a special treat, you’ll find a 22 photo gallery in case you would like to see local portly firemen in action or numerous onlooker butts from all angles. The story has a heartwarming ending – the bear was safely removed and possibly relocated to Round Valley Reservoir. I like to go hiking there, so I’m psyched at the possibility of having a pissed-off bear with a grudge against humans roaming the premises.

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