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Friday, February 10, 2012

No More Swiping for Swiper

Another cartoon that zaiki covet is "Dora the Explorer". I guess it's an ok cartoon, the Map (that  grinds my gears with its whiny nasalness, I want to bite its nose off), but it's fine overall. The cartoon follows chenanigans and adventures of a Mexican girl named Dora. Her best friend, Boots the monkey, assists her in accomplishing various pre-school approved tasks. The cartoon is teaches counting, colors, shapes, and helping. Dora has many friends: Benny the bull, Big Red Chicken, Tico the squirrel (who only speaks Spanish and does various menial tasks like driving the other characters around), Iza the iguana (who also only speaks Spanish and is a garderner) and a faithful Backpack. They all like to have fiesta and eat tacos. No, not a stereotype-building cartoon based on approved archetypes, not at all! *clearing my throat loudly*

Dora also has a nemesis: Swiper the fox. Swiper has really pointy teeth and is sneaky - he is wearing a bandit's mask, gloves and his only goal in life is to steal, or swipe, Dora's favorite things. To stop Swiper, you have to say "Swiper no swiping" three times complete with a special hand thrust and if you do that before he gets his hands on the object, he says "Oh man!" and runs off. Swiper wins, occasionally, and then Dora and Boots have to go on a quest to retrieve the object. Oddly enough, Swiper never keeps what he goes to great lengths to swipe, but either throws it far away or hides it. Not a very practical fox. Maybe just a kleptomaniac? Or a crazy thing hell-bent of destruction for the sake of destruction? Hmmm. I'm inclined to believe the latter.

I think the guy who does the Map's voice also does Swiper's. I wish I knew who it was so I had the address for all the hate mail - super whiny and annoying. I wonder if he (the actor) is married...I guess not or maybe his wife is deaf. No way I could live with someone who is that nasal and high-pitched.

You want to know what he sounds like? Pinch your nose shut, inhale through your mouth and then say, really stretching your vowels: "GOOOO THROUGH THEEE TUNNNEEEL, OOOVER THEEE BRIIIIIDGE AAAANNNNDDDD OOON TOOOP OOOFF THEEE SNOOOWWYYYY MOUNTAAAIN".

I have a beautiful winter coat (a gift from Kevin, the most wonderful, thoughtful husband ever!!!) with furry full fox collar and cuffs. I love it - it keeps me warm and looks festive.

Speaking of gifts and Valentine's day coming up: Ladies, did you know you can create a "wishlist" at Pandora jewelry stores? No? Neither did I, till yesterday!!! Apparently, you just let them know your name, pick the pieces you like, they'll record the serial numbers, and then your loving husband will be able to simply go in and look up the bling you chose. Hey Mari, I think you can do it online as well!! :)

Back to my coat: zaiki love it. They like to bury their faces in the fur and pet it. The other day Sonya asked me what it was. Without missing a beat, I replied "Swiper". Now they say that Mama swiped Swiper. Serves that fox right.

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