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Monday, July 22, 2013

Midsummer post

It's the middle of July, and still feels like summer had just begun. Many things are new, many things are unchanged, life goes on. Zaiki turned 4, grew a bunch, know all the letters. On the verge of reading. Great power comes from knowing how to read - they were amazed the first time they put letters together and the letters meant something! I guess for a small person, discovering a whole new super power is amazing. :)

As for husband and I, work and more work. Sadly, we had to say "good bye" to some very good friends who went back to Russia, and next week will bring more good byes for both zaiki and us - other people who became dear friends are moving. Not Russia far but the girls will lose some awesome playmates. That's ok, I believe that life has more good people for us to meet.

During our travels, girls, namely Maya, discovered three new dinosaur species:
  • "Mintosaurus" - dinosaur that eats mint exclusively, which causes it great stomach pains and so it poops on our lawn after it gorges itself on mint

  • "Carosaurus": this one eats cars sprinkled with insects (HuH?), ONLY after it turns off the overhead light. (When asked why does the dinosaur have to turn off the light, she shrugged and said that it just what it does)

  • "Fruitosaurus" eats fruit, and it's the nicest dinosaur of all, and it smells really good
I love how their imagination takes them to places unexplored and unexpected. :)

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