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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January - the month of the sickies

In case you were wondering, we’ve been sick. Baby germs are apparently indestructible. Something that, in an almost 3-year-old, causes sniffles for a few days is deadly for tired and stressed parents. The virus started as a pink eye, moved into my nose and then settled in my chest in the form of bronchitis.  Antibiotics are working, but the thing is not giving up easy: it’s been a long January. Plus I can't drink wine while I'm on these meds, and it makes me sad. I have a sneaking suspicion that every flu/cold season is going to be like this.

Zaiki, meanwhile, have grown more independent all of a sudden. “Myself” is a favorite word.

I mean, Sonya pointedly walks with hands in her pockets when we are out. She has also grown feisty, and reminds me of a little pixie with a HUGE attitude. 

And oh help you God if you find yourself between Sonya and the things she loves:

The other morning we were running late as usual. My mornings are interesting. The only way I can describe it, and you'll get it if you run, is like being in the the last leg of really hilly and exhausting half-marathon. You are almost there, your body doesn't want to listen anymore, but you still have to push through, so you start flailing around, lose coordination, trip on a rock and end up on your ass. 
Anywaaay -I didn’t have time to make actual breakfast, so I showed a piece of muffin (excuse me, HAPPY CAKE in zaiki-speak) into their little pie-holes and off to the babysitter’s house we went. Sonya loves-loves-loves her happy cakes and will defend them to the death.

So we pull up and all of a sudden she gasps and asks me with alarm in her voice: “Is Charlie (the big dopey lab the sitter has) in his cage?”
Me: “No probably not.”
Sonya: “Mama, but he will EAT MY HAPPY CAKE!!!”

Once we got in, the dog indeed attempted to sniff what kind of yummy food she was holding. Little Sonya, who can easily walk under the dog’s belly, curls swinging, eyes shining in the righteous indignation, protected her treasured happy cake: “NO CHARLIE THIS IS MY HAPPY CAKE! GET AWAY!!!” Then she smacked him on the nose with the free hand and the dog skulked away. I was impressed. She has no fear and is willing to fight for things she holds dear. Not a bad trait to have, not at all. I’m proud of my little pirojok, I think this will serve her well in the future.

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