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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Jumbled head

It always happens to me right after the holidays are over - I feel out of balance. It's as if my head has been shaken and jumbled. In a way, I'm sure it has something to do with coming off the holiday craziness and the beginning of a new year. Also, I usually get sick.

This year was not an exception. We rang it in awesomely: I baked like a fiend, Kevin came home early, we had company, did vodka shots at midnight, I actually stayed awake (shocking!). And then we got sick. Maya started off with some conjunctivitis, passed it along to Sonya, who then passed it to me. In my Russian deficient immune system the virus flourished and blossomed, turned into a head cold and looks like it's getting comfortable.

I just can't find my center.I have very little energy. The girls, meanwhile, are almost back to their normal selves. We hang out, play with "their people" (that's what they call their smallish plastic toys), watch Disney.

The new thing is to play "Snowhite", which means Maya lays on the floor with her eyes closed and demands Papa (or Mama, or Sonya) kiss her to wake her up. And the kiss has to be "on the lips!", otherwise it doesn't work, apparently. Maya is getting funny: After getting her first official haircut, she declared her hair "too pretty" for Papa's kisses. Last night I was told that we need to find a fairy who urgently has to make Maya a big girl so she can then be a mama. Hmm...

Sonya, in turn, wants to be "purple lost princess Sonya" and demands tights. No pants, just tights. That have to immediately come off once she is inside. Having her legs covered inside a residence makes her angry.
Last night they also play "crazy" - running around screaming and flopping their arms. I joined in but it made me dizzy and out of breath.

I hope that this year will be good: not just better than..., but really good. It's a year of the Water Dragon according to the Chinese horoscope, which sounds soothing and peaceful (certainly better than a fire-breathing angry dragon), and it's a year my brother was born 24 years ago. So really banking on all that for some much needed good luck.

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