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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Missed opportunities

I get all these funny crazy good blog post ideas late at night when I'm fixing zaiki's lunch for the next day or cleaning the kitchen. By then I am usually pooped and the idea of staring into a computer screen for another second makes me want to throw up. But I cannot allow my mind scramble brilliant thoughts to remain undocumented. So I came up with a very clever idea to have a list of "missed blogging opportunities" to be eventually maybe expanded into witty posts that might win me a book deal (HA!):

1. Vacation->Staycation->Sickcation. This was supposed to be about our past Christmas. We had the flu the whole Christmas/New Year break, and Husband and I came up with "sickcation" - it's a step down from a staycation (when you take time off, stay home and do day trips to save money) which is a step down from a vacation (when you go away from home somewhere nice). Occurs when you take time off in anticipation of a holiday/spending time with family and then your children spread a death virus that causes you to have days of fever and hallucinate about "30 Rock" cast.

2. Americanization of workplace. More on this later. Has to do with gender expectations in America and how work is very much like high school.

3.  When babaika comes a-knocking. An imaginary monster that lives in a fire (or Wegmans, depends on who you ask), steals toys and misplaces hats, especially Sonya's.

4. Russians in America. Turns out, I know a lot of Russians here, especially with kids zaiki's age. As a social scientist that I am, I have a need to categorize things and thus divided the Russians I know into several groups: Full-Fledged Russians, Old-School Proud Russians, Reluctant Russians, Non-Russian Russians and Obnoxiously Arrogant Wealthy Russians. (I used the word Russian 11 times in this paragraph). :)

These are all I can remember. I know there were more and I'm sure that tonight, when I am putting together lunch for the girls, the rest of post ideas will come and flood my poor overtired brain. By then it'll be too late, as usual, and I'll put it off till another time. And so the cicle will continue. :)

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